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Roof Guard’s comprehensive services offer complete protection for your home, business, or public properties with specialized roof-related products that work together to ensure that your dwelling or building is secure.

We Guard Your Roof: Roofing Services

Roof Guard provides roofing installation, roof replacement and roof repair for residential, commercial and church properties. Emergency services are available 24/7 with a prompt response to your call, and a quick resolution.

Specializing in metal roofing, we do offer other options for your unique, roofing needs. You can learn more about our products for installation and replacement here.

Storm damage? Notice a leak? Roof repair is often needed, and we can help with that, too. Contact us for more information…and please call for emergency services. We want to put a quick-end to your distress.

Snow build up? We have a service for that! Too much snow can create a weight issue for your home’s structure. Let our experts safely remove snow from your roof. Contact us for more information.

We Guard Your Home: Attic insulation and Ventilation Services

It’s not just what’s on top that counts; what’s in your attic and how air circulates through the roof of your home is important, too. Proper insulation and ventilation can help reduce energy costs, prevent ice dams in winter, and generally provide greater health and comfort to your home’s interior. Our insulation and ventilation products are installed with great attention to detail, by our own, local experts.

Learn more about our Attic Insulation and Ventilation Products

We Guard Your Gutters: Gutter Protection

What your roof collects, ends up in your gutters. We can help you keep the gunk, leaves and other debris out of this collection system, allowing the rain and snow melt to flow in the direction intended by your gutters. Check out our great products, and contact Roof Guard for a free consultation on gutter protection.

Learn more about our Gutter Protection Products

We Guard Your Wallet: Honest Value Pricing, Insurance Claims, and Financing

We understand that your home is an asset you want to protect. You can count on Roof Guard to provide you with accurate project estimates, value-added services, and terrific warranties with every, single installation. Our help with resolving insurance claims on your property, or securing financing come with the same great pricing, attention to detail, and service.

Learn more about Financing