Beautiful Metal Roofing that lasts a lifetime

Standing Seam

Standing Seam Roofing Provides Vertical Metal Panels for Beauty and Protection

A familiar site on farm houses and outbuildings, Standing Seam Vertical Metal Panels provide a historic, yet modern roof for any home or building.

  • Kynar coated coupled with decades worth of warranty coverage, our standing seam products are designed to look spectacular and last a lifetime!
  • Vertical lines draw attention to the beauty of your home while protecting it from weather with smooth, long flowing panels of metal roofing.
  • Standing seam’s understated design complements other roofing materials, so it can be used as accents to the roof on porches, overhangs, additions or outbuildings.
  • Lower energy bills become a reality upon installation as special coatings serve not only to add beauty, but also to reflect the sun…lowering your cooling costs.
  • A long-lasting roofing option, available in a variety of colors, standing seam roofing may be the perfect roofing process for your stately manor, log cabin, cottage, home…or any dwelling.
  • 35 year coating warranty, 25 year substrate warranty