Beautiful Metal Roofing that lasts a lifetime

Agricultural Panels

Agricultural Panels from Roof Guard

Beautiful country, spaciousness of land, and many, many barns and other outbuildings cover our landscapes. Minnesota and Iowa are full of these picturesque, hard working acreages. Wind, rain and snow are plentiful, and powerful, too, here in the heart of the midwest, and Roof Guard is here to protect your hard working agricultural buildings. Durability, strength and beauty come together with the right agricultural panels for your property.

Put on a Metal Roof: Once

Our high-quality agricultural panels offer tough, long lasting protection. Asphalt roofs carry a life expectancy of 15 to 20 years, and they begin to deteriorate when the very first nail is pounded into the very first shingle. In contrast, a quality metal roof, properly fabricated and installed, will last for 50 to 100 years.

Protect Your Property with Metal Agricultural Panels from Roof Guard

It’s not just about protecting the building; it’s about protecting what’s inside. No matter what your outbuilding protects…equipment, livestock, produce, or pets, Roof Guard will help increase your protection.

  • Special fastening systems ensure that wind damage is deflected or minimized, making sure that your barn or buildings contents are covered.
  • The unique fabrication and installation of our panels seal-up your roof, deflecting rain and hail.
  • The sun’s heat helps melt snow quickly, while fabricated valleys handle the runoff.
  • Our lightweight materials offer fire protection in 2 ways: first by being resistant to sparks, and second by limiting danger of collapse, in case of fire.

Perhaps your property requires special roofing protection. We can help with that, too. We’re experts in metal roofing, and have a wide variety of experiences in metal roofing for special situations.

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