Beautiful Metal Roofing that lasts a lifetime

Insulation & Ventilation

The roof over your head works in partnership with the attic insulation and attic ventilation to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Roof Guard understands this partnership, and can expertly install your roof, and ensure that it is properly ventilated, and properly insulated.

Adding to the energy efficiency and performance of our quality metal roofs, the right combination of insulation and ventilation in your attic brings added protection to your home.

Roof Guard Protects Your Home: AeroShield Multi-Layer Reflective Insulation

AeroShield has multiple layers of protection.  It starts with a 99% aluminum layer with backing, an insulated core and then another layer of backing with a 99% aluminum layer.  This reflects up to 97% of radiant heat transfer.

aeroshield-logoAeroShield allows moisture to escape because of the specifically engineered size and spacing of the perforations.  Also, the thermal break in between the two layers of 99% polished aluminum increases the ability for it to breathe even more.

Benefits of AeroShield:

  • Reduces heating and cooling bills by 40%
  • Saves wear and tear on heating and cooling equipment
  • Helps eliminate hot and cold spots in your home

Roof Guard Protects Your Home: Blown In Insulation

Because heat rises, it is important to have the most thorough attic insulation protection. While many types of insulation would only be appropriate for walls, blown in can be applied to the floor of your attic. This helps prevent the massive transfer of heat through an expansive space. If the levels of insulation within your walls are low, we can add a layer of fill. This is designed to restore the R-Value, or rate of resistance to heat transfer. The wall fill process can often save you on costly removal, too.

At Roof Guard, our attic insulation of choice is manufactured by Owens- Corning, We love that Cat.

Roof Guard Protects Your Home: Solar Attic Fans

Good looking and durable, our SolarFan by yellowblue was designed by experts in the art of airflow technology with years of aerodynamic engineering.

Solar-FanYellowblue’s revolutionary SolarFan is an advanced high efficiency solar attic ventilation system.  It offers better air performance because of the Maximum Power Point Technology (MPPT) feature, which maintains the highest possible air flow under all solar conditions by utilizing all the power available from the solar panel to set the highest fan speed. This feature is not available on any other solar fan in the world.

The yellowblue SolarFan features multiple layers of high tech aerospace grade material and aircraft grade spun aluminum.  This not only improves performance in terms of air movement, but also improves curb appeal and durability.

Benefits of yellowblue SolarFan:

  • Heat and Moisture: Removes heat during the hot summer months and removes moisture that can cause mold and mildew in the winter.
  • Built to last: The fan is built to last for decades. Weather resistant powder coated finish on all exposed fan parts provide a handsome durable finish.
  • Free to operatate:  The yellowblue SolarFan doesn’t cost one penny to operate!  It’s completely powered by the sun!
  • Lifetime warranty:  The yellowblue SolarFan Limited Lifetime Warranty is one of the strongest in the industry.