Beautiful Metal Roofing that lasts a lifetime

Green Benefits of Metal Roofing

Let’s talk about what metal roofing green benefits really mean for your Iowa or Minnesota home. From construction to agriculture and transportation to food sourcing, “green,” “sustainable,” and “energy efficient” have become frequent buzzwords in our society to describe any effort to operate with a greater level of environmental consciousness. Any effort is worthwhile but so often have these words been used that we are left unsure of what the exactly mean.

Designing the next roof for your home is a big decision with significant environmental ramifications. Upgrading to a lifetime metal roof gives you the opportunity to beautify your home while preserving the health and resources of our planet. Here are our buzzword definitions and the green benefits of metal roofing by Roof Guard:

Recycled and Fully Recyclable.

A Roof Guard Metal Roof is manufactured from over 95% recycled metal and is fully recyclable at the end of its functional life. Rather than “going back to the well” and using more scarce natural resources, aluminum roofing supports the recycling loop and uses over 1800 aluminum cans in every 100 square feet of roofing. And, at the end of its function life, 100+ years from now, a metal roof can be recycled instead of filling your local landfill.

Energy Efficient.

With reflective pigments in its paint and integrated air space, metal roofing can save homeowners in Iowa and Minnesota up to 25% on their summer cooling costs, saving them thousands over their time in the home. Most colors meet EnergyStar standards and include reflective pigments to reflect away the sun’s radiant heat. The integrated airspace then acts as a thermal break, same as in a thermal pane window, to stop the conductive transfer of heat between the roof system and attic, limiting the load on the home’s air conditioner.

environmetal sustainability


Metal roofing truly is a lifetime solution – do it once and be done! A home roofed with a true lifetime metal roof will be forever free of roofing concerns, preserving resources and dollars to be dedicated elsewhere.

Landfill Conservation.

Building codes are determined by the local municipality but, in most areas, code allows for two layers of roofing on a home. Due to its low weight, metal roofing can be installed over one layer of asphalt shingles. In fact, a metal roof likely add less weight than that asphalt roof lost over the course of its life through degranulation and evaporation of oil. By roofing over, a homeowner can save on tear-off and disposal costs and avoid sending thousands of pounds of asphalt shingles to the local landfill.

Locally Sourced and Manufactured.

Our manufacturing partner, Classic Metal Roofing Systems, is located in Ohio, right here in the MidWest. Classic also strives to work with vendor partners in the region to save on transportation costs and wasting additional resources. All of Classic’s metal is purchased and painted in the MidWest, stamped in Ohio, and then sent to Roof Guard Metal Roofing for installation.